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Star-Lord Mocking Thor Is My Favorite Infinity War Moment so Far


In a new TV spot, Thor appears to be trying to recruit the Guardians of the Galaxy to join up with “Earth’s mightiest heroes.” But Peter Quill doesn’t have time for the God of Thunder.

We know that in Avengers: Infinity War, Thor gets blown into space and lands smack dab on the Guardian’s ship (this is a nice nod to Chris Hemsworth’s long and storied Marvel history of being smushed up against panes of glass). We’ve seen a scene where the Guardians inspect his unconscious body, with Drax, who only speaks in literal truths, telling Star-Lord, “He is not a dude. You’re a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man,” while Gamora admiringly examines Thor’s muscles.

Peter’s clearly a little put-out about no longer having the best abs in the room, and he doesn’t seem to have exactly taken to Thor when Thor regains consciousness, either. In the spot above, after Thor asks the Guardians to—I’m assuming—join up with his friends and help the Avengers stop Thanos, Peter replies, “Not today, sir.” It’s a little unclear from the cut of the spot whether he’s actually responding to Thor’s plea here or this is a response from another scene entirely, but either way, Peter’s voice deepens in a hilariously straight-faced impression of Thor’s.

“Are you making your voice deeper?” Rocket wheedles.

“No,” says the still husky-voiced and apparently wildly insecure Peter.

Later on, we see Thor stepped close and threatening, saying, “Are you mocking me?” but Peter doubles down, telling the Guardians, “He’s trying to copy me.”

Both Chrises—Hemsworth and Pratt—are excellent comedic actors and I can’t wait to see them face off in the movie. While Thor eventually ends up on a mission with Rocket and Groot, and Star-Lord somehow finds his way to a conference with Iron Man and Spider-Man, it seems like Thor gets at least a little while to interact with all of the Guardians.

It’s no wonder that the sarcastic, wise-cracking Peter Quill wouldn’t exactly take to the imposing, regal, nigh-on mythical Thor. Add in Gamora’s seeming appreciation for Thor, and it’s not surprising that Peter’s acting like a petulant brat—but it is hilarious.

As you can see from the mix of TV spots in this video, Infinity War is sometimes being presented with a comedic spin, and sometimes with THE END IS HERE HOLY CRAP EVERYONE IS GONNA DIE darkness. Hopefully the actual film will be a balanced mix of both.

(via, image: Marvel)

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