Yor and Chun-Li battling against each other in Street Fighter video produced by WIT Studio.

Is Yor Forger Coming to ‘Street Fighter 6’?

You’ve seen this coming the moment Yor Forger stopped a bull in its tracks during the first season of Spy x Family, the same way Street Fighter’s Chun-Li was able to stop a car in almost the same pose. They might be from different worlds, but they’re characters who could stand to be friends and competitors.

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Street Fighter fans have long adored Chun-Li for her strength as a fighter and her dizzying combinations in the game. But many have long loved Chun-Li for her character, as well as her growth throughout the Street Fighter series. She’s acknowledged as “the strongest woman in the world,” but she worked hard and trained even harder to earn that title. Chun-Li takes pride in keeping the world safe as an Interpol officer while putting villains down with her skills as a fighter.

Although Yor’s job as a member of The Garden Assassin’s Syndicate is a secret to everybody but herself and her organization, she also takes pride in her work as an assassin. Not even Loid, her husband and a trained spy from WISE (Agent Twilight), could go up against Yor in hand-to-hand combat. Needless to say, Spy x Family is yet to see a good match against Yor’s strength, because not even Fiona (Agent Nightfall) could handle Yor’s abnormal levels of strength.

Maybe her strength is out of this world, which is why Yor had to go into the Street Fighter world and spar with Chun-Li. In the one-minute animation by Wit Studio, Yor and Chun-Li fight in an arena, which ends with both of them acknowledging each other’s strength as a fighter with their iconic kicks. It’s safe to say that they probably came out friends after that fight, but is Yor coming to Street Fighter 6?

There’s no confirmation of this as of the moment, but it’s always possible that Yor could come to the game as a skin for Chun-Li or as a guest character. That would make her the first guest character to land into the Street Fighter series, and the first guest anime character in the game. Yor might not be available as a guest character now or in the future, but at least there’s an official video of her and Chun-Li having a friendly spar.

(featured images: WIT Studio/Capcom)

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