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Sponsored Post: GE AgileTrac Tech Works To Take The Wait Out Of Hospital Visits

Is there anything worse than waiting at the hospital? It’s almost inevitable that you’ve had to wait on a room, a test, admission, and more. What if we could just cut that whole thing out? The waiting, that is, not the hospital. That’s what GE Healthcare’s basically trying to do with their AgileTrac patient tracking solution.

One of the big problems facing hospitals in general is the allocation of resources. This includes people as well as devices. When the nurse has to take time tracking down a specific doodad, not knowing there are some in the room next door, that’s time not spent helping patients. Nobody wants that, patients or otherwise. It’s a waste of time.

AgileTrac keeps, well, track of these things through the use of a combination of radio trackers and infrared lights. They can then build a database of information on how long certain tasks take, or how much time is spent with each patient, to figure out better methods. The ideal goal would be to make the whole process one smooth and fast interaction.

Nobody wants to wait in hospitals, and AgileTrac aims to make that a reality.

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