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The First Teaser For Spielberg’s New Show Extant Looks Way Better Than The Show Sounds

Warning: This post contains Jeff Goldblum.

Steven Spielberg is Executive Producing a new show called Extant coming to CBS this summer (starring Halle Berry, because I guess the movies stopped calling), and they’ve just released the first trailer. It doesn’t elucidate exactly what the show is about, but I’m getting some definite dark sci-fi vibes.

In case you hadn’t already heard what the show is actually about, Berry plays a female astronaut who returns to her family after a year in outer space. Oh, and she will be pregnant with an alien baby. Who might pose a threat to her android son. So, uh… Okay.

But if we’re being honest with ourselves here, mostly I just liked this trailer because it gives me an excuse to post this:

(via Mark Askwith, image via YouTube)

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