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SPIDEY SUITS?! Did These Toys Give Us a Look Into Spider-Man: No Way Home?


Spider-Man looking shocked

WE GOT OUR FIRST LOOK AT SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME! Well, sort of. We basically got some merch and we’re all desperate for Spider-Man content that we’re running with it.

A Spider-Man LEGO set revealed a look at a new Spidey suit for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. And since, we got even more merch that shows us a range of new suits for who we can assume will be Peter Peter. (Could be multiple Spider-Men, could be just Peter. Who is to say!) But one thing is for sure: We are actually going to probably see something from No Way Home soon.

The official merch has Funkos of Stephen Strange, MJ, Ned, and more along with two distinct Spidey suits: One that looks like the Iron Spider suits and a black and gold one that is absolutely beautiful.

I truly love the black and gold Spidey suit? I’m so excited about it?

To be fair, I’d be excited about any Spidey suit at this point because I just want some kind of footage or information about Spider-Man: No Way Home. But what this merch does is give us a taste of the movie, maybe in hopes that we all stop tagging the official movie account in tweets asking where the trailer is. It’s kind of a new tactic for the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies.

Normally, Holland likes to pretend to be spoiling something for us that he’s not supposed to (like a poster or a trailer or something like that), and that’s our first glimpse. But a toy reveal? It’s an interesting tactic and one that makes me believe that the trailer either reveals too much about what No Way Home has in store for us or is just a little tease since we know that Peter Parker is in for quite the journey?

Who knows? The movie is still set to be released this coming December so we should start to see something soon, right? Am I just being hopeful? Well, at least now I have this black and gold Spider-Man suit to tie me over until we finally see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker swing into action!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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