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Spider-Man Cleaning Service Wows Dubai

If you own a building in Dubai and you’ve tired of watching your windows being cleaned by the guy in grey overalls, this is for you. Spider Style, a “specialist Cleaning Services Entity and Rope Access” facility company based in France and Qatar, will now send Spider-Man (okay, a highly-skilled rappeller) to Dubai to inspect, fix and clean your building’s façade.

Mazen Harake, Managine Director of Spider Style explains the concept a bit further:

“Abseiling, or rappelling, refers to the use of ropes to scale steep slopes and is popularly used amongst rock-climbers. We’ve adapted the technique for use in the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and residential buildings.”

Using non-damaging rope access systems and advanced technology, Harake believes that the workers’ spidey-skills are more adept at both getting to those difficult-to-reach spots and pleasing the crowds. He may be right: recent visitors to Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence were pleasantly surprised by Spiderman’s acrobatic skill, as well as his general mastery of cleaning techniques.

(via AME Info)

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