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Can’t Wait for the Other Spider-Men to Realize Tobey Maguire’s Peter Has Webs Coming Out of His Arms

tobeyt maguire as peter parker in spider-man 2.

I was but a wee child when the first Spider-Man movie came out. (That’s a lie; I was almost eleven years old.) But I was slowly learning the ways of Spider-Man and what I loved about him as a character outside of just “look at him swing!” What I did not love were Tobey Maguire’s biological web-shooters.

A staple of Spidey is his creation of his web-shooters. It shows, in my opinion, just how smart Peter Parker is. So the idea that Peter Parker would just … flick his wrist and webs shoot out of a wrist orifice? Uh … a little upsetting to think about now, as an adult.

But here’s the thing: The Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland Spider-Man movies make a point to either show Peter making his web-shooters or call out when he’s out of webs and show him grabbing them … something that Tobey Maguire didn’t have to really worry about. So now we’re all kind of wondering what is going to happen if Maguire and Garfield show up in No Way Home and Tobey Maguire’s Peter just starts to use his wrists.

I imagine that it isn’t going to be a big deal, but they have to address this, right? I mean, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sort of ran down the list of Spidey abilities for each of them and how they differed. These live-action Peter Parkers would have to at least recognize that there are some differences between them if they met on the big screen? I guess mainly where the webs come from?

To be honest, I’d love an entire scene of Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield just making jokes at the expense of Tobey Maguire—just constant questions and teasing jabs about his webs the entire time. It just … they have to address this, right? There’s no way Holland and Garfield see him just swinging without having to check his webs and let it go, right?

Twitter has started to realize that if we do get all three of the Spider-Man actors in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker from the MCU world and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker are both going to end up realizing that Tobey Maguire’s webs are not created in a lab …

Personally, I can’t wait until Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is disgusted by it and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has some weird thing to say that starts with “COOL.”

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