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Why Do Fans Think [Spoiler?] Might Be in the Hawkeye Finale?

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Clint and Kate with their arrows and peter and mj falling

Spider-Man: No Way Home has hit theaters in a huge way. Outselling Avengers: Infinity War and breaking records, the movie sets in motion quite the future for Peter Parker. It also happens to end at Christmastime, right around the same time the events of Hawkeye are taking place. So, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe want to know whether or not they could possibly see Peter Parker swing into action in the season finale of Hawkeye.

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While I think that Peter might not be swinging in to help Kate and Clint right away, there is a possibility that he could show up, so let’s talk about why fans are wondering whether or not Peter will be there.

**Spoilers for Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home lie ahead**

Kate Bishop looking shocked saying holy shit

So the last we see of Peter Parker in No Way Home is Spider-Man with his new suit, swinging into the city and by the Rockefeller ice rink. What we see is Peter get a message on his police radar, and he jumps into the city and past the rink, and while it could just be a nice moment and a nod to Peter and New York, it is telling given that we know that the big fight in the season finale in Hawkeye takes place on the ice, with Clint, Kate, and Yelena joining in.

Does this mean that Peter is swinging into action to help them? It could be, and there was already a tie-in, with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil returning in No Way Home right after Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye. And it’d be interesting to see how Clint deals with not knowing who Peter is, given what happened in No Way Home and the fact that Clint and Peter barely interacted before. But the idea of Kate and Yelena getting to meet Spider-Man delights me more than anything.

I stand by my hope that Peter will run the Avengers later on in the MCU and still have his standalone movies but get to sort of just tackle big bads with the rest of the team. That being said, I don’t think that Spider-Man will show up. Maybe it is because we just got No Way Home and throwing something as big as Spider-Man’s new suit into Hawkeye this soon doesn’t feel like a Marvel move, because it is a huge spoiler for the movie that hasn’t even been out a week. So, unless they put a warning before the episode, I think that any sign of Peter Parker might be just wishful thinking.

Luckily, we’ll find out tomorrow. We’ll see what happens with Kate and Clint’s final battle because the finale of Hawkeye is already upon us, but getting to start to see the future of the MCU all together, even if it is for just a moment? I’d love it. But I also don’t think that Spider-Man will show up but I’d love to be wrong.

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