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Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip Says Welcome to Earth-616, Peter Parker


Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

**Light spoilers for Avengers: Endgame ahead.**

Welcome to the multiverse, kids! A world (many of it, actually) filled with multiple versions of our favorite heroes and conflicting storylines, the multiverse is a wonderful place that, essentially, gives us all what we want out of our comics. The problem is that they all kind of coexist at the same time, and we have to navigate what that means.

Want to be confused beyond belief? Just start looking into the different variations of Peter Parker, and your head will be spinning with all the possibilities and what they all mean.

In clip from Spider-Man: Far From Home that played on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mysterio tells Peter Parker that the MCU Earth we know and love is, in fact, Earth-616, while Mysterio is from a separate universe, designated Earth-833.

The best way to describe Earth-616 was given to me by my big brother. He describes that Peter as “Our Peter Parker.” For those a bit confused about the different versions of Earth, we’re apparently going to get a bit more explanation in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Earth-616 is also officially the designation of the universe in which Marvel’s main comics continuity takes place, so it’s hard to say whether Marvel is now also applying that designation to the main movie/TV continuity to keep things straight as they dive into multiverse shenanigans or Mysterio is just lying.

Anyway, that indicates that the Miles Morales we know exists in Spider-Man: Homecoming is not the same Miles Morales that becomes Spider-Man, if the universe designations hold up the same way. That miles is from Earth-1610. In that universe, Peter Parker dies and gives Miles Morales the responsibility of being their Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse does a great job of explaining how these versions of Spider-Man all exist. They just don’t explain what each Earth means.

So, for Spider-Man: Far From Home to establish that the Peter Parker we’ve met in the MCU is, in fact, Earth-616 Peter Parker means that he should be able to exist in a world with Miles Morales without us having to fear that he’s going to die. (The brunette Peter Parker in Spider-Verse is also 616 Peter.)

We’ve already addressed that it seems as if Spider-Man: Far From Home is establishing the multiverse, but understanding what that means is also equally as important. To put it in the simplest of terms, every Peter Parker we’ve met throughout the years is based on Earth-616 Peter (with the exception of Chris Pine’s Peter Parker in Spider-Verse).

What we know is that Mysterio is from Earth-833 (again, or so he says. He’s a master of illusion, so who knows if he’s even from an alternate universe), but with that comes the knowledge that not only are there multiple Peter Parkers, but that means there are multiple Iron Mans, Captain Americas, and more.

What I will say is that it seems as if Marvel is setting up what the DCEU attempted with Batman v Superman, and I like that Marvel is taking the time to (a) explain it and (b) set it up in the best possible way by using Spider-Man as a means of introduction.

There’s a part of me that hopes that Mysterio isn’t lying about this being the multiverse, because maybe that means that we can have Iron Man once more. But then again, I don’t trust anything Mysterio says and, to be honest, you shouldn’t either.

(via Comic Book Resource, image: Sony)

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