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Spartacus: Incest is Soooo Played Out Right Now (Blame Game of Thrones)

Winter Is Coming

I’ll readily admit that Spartacus is not a tpic that we cover with any regularity here, but everybody likes incest, don’t they? Well, everybody except for Spartacus, apparently, who totally liked incest back when it was underground, but have lost interested now that it’s all mainstream and everything.

Game of Thrones is so last year, anyway.

According to Spartacus: Vengeance creator Steven S. DeKnight, he and his writers were totally planning on throwing incest into their plotlines for kicks… until Game of Thrones did it and kind of blew them out of the water.

We did have an incest plot planned for Vengeance, with the twin characters of Seppius and Seppia, but when I heard that Game of Thrones had it as an integral part of the story then we decided to, let’s say, tip our hat to it, as we drove past. But we didn’t go there. And the only reason we didn’t go there, even though it worked great for the story, is that we didn’t want to repeat something that somebody else was doing. And Game of Thrones did it so brilliantly. All of us writers on Spartacus love Game of Thrones. It’s just so well done. So the incest thing ultimately didn’t make it into our story because we didn’t want to repeat other things and it could easily be taken out.

Come on, Game of Thrones, why you gotta use all the good incest stories? It’s not like there are any other ones, especially all those ones in, like, tremendously popular examples of science and fantasy fiction.

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