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Sony Plans to Send Celebrities to Space for New Reality Show

Do we get to pick the celebrities, and will they be coming back from space?

Low Earth Orbit

Sony Pictures Television has made a deal with Netherlands-based Space Exploration Corporation to produce a reality TV show that will have 10 yet-to-be-named celebrities (do geek bloggers count?) competing for a chance to be sent into space. Has someone finally come up with a reality show we’d watch?

Space Exploration Corporation plans to launch a civilian space travel operation beginning next year, and Sony seems keen to lock up one of the first spots and launch a celebrity into space. The show will be based around intense physical and mental competitions that we can likely assume will be loosely based around astronaut training.

The producer of Survivor is also pitching shows to networks where regular people (do geek bloggers count?) compete to win a trip to space on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.

Historically, reality TV hasn’t really caught our attention at Geekosystem, but we’re in favor of anything that gets people interested in space. If launching a C-list celebrity into low Earth orbit means more people care about space and we can get NASA properly funded again, then we say go for it. Heck, send all the celebrities into space.

(via Deadline, image via NASA)

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