You Can Pay This Company to Send Your Ashes to Space, Eventually Burn Up on Re-entry

Turns out it's a lot cheaper to send your ashes to space than your living body.
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What are you going to do with your body when you die? Have you considered shooting part of it into space and having it eventually burn up as a shooting star on re-entry? That’s a thing you can totally do now thanks to a company called Elysium Space, and it’s a lot cheaper than I would have guessed.

Elysium is offering to launch a portion of your cremated remains into low Earth orbit where they will circle the planet for months or even years before they come crashing fiery through the atmosphere. While your ashes orbit the globe, your loved ones can track you on Elysium’s iPhone app.

If there’s a grander way to go out, I sure can’t think of it.

The whole package from Elysium costs just $1,990. That seems miniscule compared to how much it costs to send a living person into space. “Space burials” have been offered for a few years now, but Elysium seems to be the most affordable game in town.

So if you ever wanted to go to space, but don’t mind waiting until you die to do it, you can get more details about how to sign up at the Elysium site.

(via Gawker, image via NASA)

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