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The History of the Soviet Union, As Set to the Tetris Theme

“A Complete History Of The Soviet Union Through The Eyes Of A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris” is a well-put-together music video by a band called Pig with the Face of a Boy, which, as the title suggests, explores the history of the Soviet Union while loose variations of the Tetris theme play. The video cycles through a number of visual styles, from grainy archival reel to black-and-white midcentury propaganda film to the low resolution color saturation of ’80s TV, and appears to incorporate real historical footage.

There’s definitely a gimmicky hook here, but the video is better for not being one long setup to a “In Soviet Russia…” joke: As Neatogeek’s John Farrier points out, this isn’t just “one of those awful Soviet chic presentations, glamorizing life under that regime … [but] a remarkable expression of music, animation, and historical storytelling.” Video below:

(via Neatogeek)

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