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We Can’t Stop Watching the Official Venom Romcom Trailer

To All the Symbiotes I've Loved Before

Tom Hardey We Are Venom

Venom is the surprise that keeps on surprising. Sony’s gritty horror anti-superhero film turned out to be less of a grimfest and more of a romance between man and symbiote. It attracted massive box office success and a huge fandom, and has now surpassed both Justice League and Wonder Woman at the worldwide box office.

Someone on Sony’s marketing team must have actually done a Google dive into why people seem to really like the film, and so they’re gifting us a little present to thank the fandom for pushing Venom to ridiculous box office heights.

To celebrate the upcoming holiday release of the Venom blu-ray, the studio put together a Love Actually-esque romantic comedy trailer that features Eddie and Venom being in sync, as well as the big damn kiss between Eddie and Venom when Venom has occupied Anne’s body. It even contains the moment from the end where Anne tells Eddie that yeah, the idea to kiss him? That was all Venom’s plan.

While the kiss is a pretty big spoiler to drop in a trailer, it also makes sense that they’re aiming the marketing at that corner of the fanbase. People have gone absolutely wild for the subtext in Venom. By embracing what the film really is at its core, they’re just marketing it correctly for the first time.

It never was a creepfest. It was always a buddy comedy with some really intense undertones, but hey, that’s why people kept going for repeat viewings.

Hopefully, this also points to a sequel where Eddie/Venom continues to thrive. Honestly, skip Carnage and give me the baby Venom plot. Tom Hardy carrying his Symbiote offspring around in a baby bjorn with his Venom-y side demanding they get tater tots and chocolate? I guarantee that’ll be a box office hit, and again, if someone’s already written that fanfic, please send me the link.

Check out the Venom trailer below, and read more about rom-com/horror mashup trailers here!

(via Twitter, image: Sony)

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