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Sony at E3 2010: PlayStation Move, 3D, New Games, and More

Following the one-two punch of Microsoft and Nintendo‘s seriously impressive video game conferences, Sony was under intense pressure to show us…well, something. What was once the gamer’s console is now trying to appeal to a greater audience, a point hammered in when Sony’s fictional Vice President of (Fill in the Blank) Kevin Butler told hardcore PlayStation gamers not to “hate” on the casual gamers like your girlfriend or mother. I’m sorry, I love my mom to death, but I would prefer the bulk of games not be determined by her.

Some gamer veterans (including this guy) have been shaking their heads at the general marketing trend of gimmicky 3D and motion games. So what does Playstation have in features and upcoming games that can excite a crowd with sky-high expectations? Check out the good and the bad, after the jump.

3D gaming

  • Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment Kazuo Hirai announced that PSN will be rolling out 3D games for download starting today. By March 2011, 20 3D titles will be available.
  • 35 million Playstation units are being updated with firmware that is 3D compatible. In conjunction, Sony is also releasing the Bravia 3D TV, which is now available for preorder.
  • Some games that will be getting the 3D makeover: Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo, Sly and Motorstorm. Shaun White, Tron, and NBA 2K11 are among the third-parties supporting 3D. The Fight, Tumble, and MLB The Show will be 3D and support Move.

Playstation Move

  • With 1:1 movement, the Move motion controller provides the challenge and precision that hardcore gamers desire. There is an extreme emphasis on the word “realism.” Move aside, Wii.
  • At the same time, the Sony presentation also kept reiterating the fact that Move has buttons, distinguishing themselves from Microsoft’s controller-less Kinect. That said, it will still require moving one’s whole body, and not just one’s hands. Sony claims it will give the player a total sense of immersion not previously experienced with any motion controller.
  • Since the unveiling at GDC, there were 40 partners working on Move products.
  • Examples of Move in action: With Move, the game Sorcery lets you control a wand-wielding wizard that can cast magic, all Harry Potter-like. The game will be released Spring 2011. Also, the new Tiger Woods game showed that “power matters” in your swing–and no, you will not be using the Move controller for that.
  • Move will be available in America on September 19, and in Europe on September 15. For those who already own the PlayStation Eye, you can buy the wand for $50. The eye, controller and Sports Champions can be purchased in a $99 bundle. The Move PS3 bundle is $400, and the games’ retail price are $40.


  • 70 games are coming to the PSP, including the augmented reality game InviZimals and Valkyria Chronicles.
  • The PSP Go is used in some of the games’ promotions, which suggests we’ll continue to see the system in the months to come.

Playstation Plus

  • For free online stuff, you now have to pay a subscription package…huh? Exclusive features, early demos, beta invites, full games, themes, mini-games and discounts in the PlayStation store for $50 bucks a year, or $18 every three months. The crowd was highly displeased with this announcement. Playstation Plus will be instated later this month.

Games of note

  • Killzone 3: Gorilla Games’ newest Killzone entry was designed with 3D in mind. They demoed very gory, realistic gameplay which they claim will do for 3D games what Avatar did for 3D films. It will be fully compatible with the Move controller at launch. Available worldwide on February 2011.
  • Heroes on the Move: An action-adventure crossover game which features Ratchet, Jak, Sly Cooper, and Daxter…together. Wired describes the game as “Sony’s Smash Bros.”
  • Little Big Planet 2: Building on greatly from the original, LBP 2 will include NPCs and movie-making tools. With all new game types such as top-down shooting, real-time strategy, and rhythm-action games, the possibilities are promising.
  • Portal 2: Sort of anti-climactic, in my opinion, that Portal 2’s “surprise” was its inclusion for Playstation. Nonetheless, the crowd was more than excited to see Gabe Newell from Valve grace the stage. Bah, I was hoping to hear something related more to the content itself. See our earlier post for details.

  • Twisted Metal: Coming to Playstation in 2011, the game features faction battles between clowns and dolls in destructive vehicles. We think this will be the next Giant Enemy Crab game: Here, you must destroy the enemy faction’s giant statue to win.

In sum

Some of the games looked gripping, to be sure, but without any hardware upgrade or any real wow-factor game demonstrations other than perhaps Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3 and Twisted Metal, Sony’s presentation left much to be desired. Luckily, because the PS3 already had powerful processing power, a large hard drive, inbuilt wi-fi, and slim design means it’ll probably survive this setback. We’ll wait for the Move to see whether it really lives up to the hype. But for now, mark us down as 2011 Sony skeptics.

(via Game Life; title image via Playstation Blog)

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