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Sony Wants You to Know All About the Sweet Features on the PlayStation 4 Controller [Video]



Per Sony‘s reveal of the PlayStation 4, we already knew a whole bunch about their latest and greatest controller — the DualShock 4. The Share button, touchpad, and all that jazz. We’ve seen it from afar and in photos, but now Sony’s released a video that showcases exactly what features on the DualShock 4 they think are pretty awesome.

Sure, it’s a promotional video, but it does its job well. See for yourself:

It’s nothing new, really, but it does give us a nice look at all these features up close and personal. The touchpad was particularly worrisome to me, but it does appear that it should be a fairly comfortable thing to use. Holding the controller awkwardly is just about the worst thing about this kind of seemingly gimmicky feature, so it’s good to see that the DualShock 4 might not fall prey to this.

As we draw closer to E3 in June, and the next-gen Xbox reveal on May 21st, we’re likely to hear even more about the PlayStation 4 and everything that goes with it.


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