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Sony’s Amy Pascal Can’t Move Into Her New Office Because It Smells Like Seth Rogen’s Pot

Not making this up.


Jesus, Amy Pascal must hate Seth Rogen so much right now. First he makes a stupid North Korea-baiting movie that results in all of her work emails and even her salary getting released to the public, and now she can’t get the stench of marijuana out of her new digs because of him. How’s a lady supposed to catch a break?

As part of her transition from Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair to on-the-lot producer, Pascal is supposed to be moving into a new office in the Irving Thalberg building, so that the space she currently uses can be given to new motion picture head Tom Rothman. The problem is, the Thalberg suite in question was previously occupied by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who wrote The Interview together—and, you’ll remember, spent at least $241 of that film’s budget on a “table of weed, coke, pills and panties” according to the information leaked by hackers in retaliation.

So yeah, of course they were gonna smoke pot in there—and now, says The Hollywood Reporter, it’s too much for Pascal to handle:

A source downplayed the marijuana issue, saying Rogen and Goldberg hadn’t been in the offices — also in the Thalberg — long enough to cause permanent damage. Furthermore, the repaint job has more to do with the fact that Pascal wants to put her own decorative stamp on the offices. But a source says the smell is so bad that it has seeped into the flooring.

[…] Rogen and Goldberg’s neighbors had long complained of the smell emanating from their first-floor offices. One frequent visitor says the fumes could be smelled on the third floor of the building.

The office once belonged to famous producer John Calley, who was Pascal’s boss before he died in 2011, and she has reportedly insisted for years that she wanted the office if she were ever to switch to a producer role. Now that she’s done just that, she’s willing to wait in her temporary lodgings for the room to be properly fumigated before she makes her mark on the place—though she should probably have the place checked for stray panties as well, just in case.

(via THR, image via Westfest TV)

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