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This Full-Auto Airsoft Gun Is Made Out Of A Soda Bottle


I always wanted an Airsoft gun as a kid, but I ran into two big problems: They tended to be expensive, and even if I had then money, no one was going to sell me one unless I was eighteen or had parental approval. Yeah right. If only I’d known then that I could make an fully-automatic Airsoft gun out of a soda bottle and some air compressor bits. Of course, had I known that then, I probably wouldn’t have made it all the way to adulthood with a full complement of eyes. Still, I wish I’d known.

The project comes to us courtesy of YouTuber  who’s developed a startlingly elegant way to fire Airsoft pellets at a truly astonishing speed, and on the cheap too. The whole cost of the rig — assuming you already have access to an air compressor — is about $15, and you get a soda out of the deal, too. Not bad.

The concept is simple; you pressurize a soda-bottle full of airsoft pellets and give the air only one way to escape, through a barrel, out the cap and, ultimately, into a target. The assembly process is simple as well, requiring only that you drill two holes and mess around with a little hot glue. It’s child’s play.The result is a jurry-rigged device that completely justifies its appearance within mere seconds of use.

Nighthawkinlight points out in the description that such a design could be modified to be mobile or — more dangerously intriguing — for use in a flamethrower. I can’t endorse trying that, but I can endorse thinking about how awesome it would be, in theory at least.

(via Geekologie)

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