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Pokémon Go Sends Two Friends to a Graveyard to Battle, This Is Basically Lavender Town

"Wow, Nintendo," indeed.

In a somehow completely appropriate spillover of fiction into reality, two people playing Pokémon Go were sent to a graveyard while in search of a nearby Pokémon Gym (read: boss battle). Initially, the YouTubers (known as Beware The Flood) thought that the gym might be located in the strip club down the street from the graveyard (yeah, I know), but on further inspection, the Gym turned out to be located in the graveyard itself.

Now, I’ll say right here that yes, it’s possible to spoof GPS data, and it’s just as likely that there’s some GPS funkiness going on given how buggy the game’s launch has been. But honestly, a lot of the locations pointed to as checkpoints and gyms are a bit… shall we say, funky? Folks are reporting that they’re seeing checkpoints located in a lot of churches and religious points of interest. In my personal experience, there’s at least two points down the street from me having to do with the nearby church. That being said, there’s plenty of other wonderful weirdness going on, too. My nearest Pokémon Gym is located at a macaroni restaurant, so you know there’s some delicious irony going on there somewhere.

The placement of this gym and other gyms in particular often relate to Pokémon Go‘s earlier incarnation, Ingress, which itself used points of interest that were marked on Google Maps. It’s a pretty solid 1:1 conversion from Ingress to Pokémon Go, so there’s no surprise that some of the most visited landmarks are making an appearance here as well.

All that being said, come on, it’s kind of thematically appropriate that there’s a gym located on a graveyard. These YouTubers basically live in Lavender Town, and given the wicked lore around that place, they could either move or really double down on that and market it as an attraction.

So, question for those of you lucky enough to be able to play right now: what are some of the weirdest places you’ve been sent to in search of Pokémon?

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