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Snooki’s Trademark Application on Her Own Name Ruined by Fictional Cat

We try to ignore The Jersey Shore for our sanity and yours, but when heroic children’s book characters thwart the show’s plot to take over the public consciousness, we’ll bite. The Smoking Gun reports that Jersey Shore personality Snooki‘s application to trademark her own name for books was refused thanks to a 2003 book for 4-8 year olds called Adventures of Snooky: Under The Sea, which concerns a backwards cap-wearing cat named Snooky falling off a fishing boat and encountering a magical undersea world.

Via TSG:

While the 32-page children’s book may be a rather obscure one, it, unlike The Jersey Shore‘s Snooki, won a 2004 American Graphic Design Award for excellence in communications and graphic design, thanks to its innovative use of holograms.

(via The Smoking Gun; title image via Amazon)

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