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Today We Learned Sneezing Baby Panda: The Movie Is a Real Thing

Do the hosts of How Did This Get Made? know about this?

About two years ago, we learned that someone would be turning the “Sneezing baby panda” viral video into a feature film. They meant it, and now Sneezing Baby Panda: The Movie exists. There’s a trailer, so it looks like there’s no stopping this saccharinly adorable film from happening.

This trailer is a few weeks old at this point, but we came across it through our friend Etta Devine tweeting out the Variety10 Most Outrageous Posters From AFM” (American Film Market). Sneezing Panda is number two on the list, or number nine depending on how Variety is counting here.

The film centers around a zoologist tracking down the baby panda as an adult to save her failing zoo. The trailer features voice-over for the panda, but we can’t tell from the context if it’s just for the sake of cutesying up the trailer, or if we can expect a Look Who’s Talking situation, but with a baby panda.

We wouldn’t mind watching a documentary about the little sneezy panda and its life at the zoo, but we have a feeling Sneezing Baby Panda: The Movie might go the way of other great viral-thing-adapted-into-new-thing “successes” like Shit My Dad Says, and that Geico Cavemen show.

(via Shoreline Entertainment)

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