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Smokey the Bear Fights Fires With Hugs in Adorable New PSAs [Video]

These ads are cute and all, but real talk: Don't hug fire.


Smokey Hug

Smokey the Bear has been the longtime spokesbear for forest fire prevention, but he’s recently been given a reboot with a new series of public service announcements by the Ad Council. They have standard fire safety tips, but they also have hugs. So many hugs. Now I want to go camping just to show Smokey that I remember all my fire safety rules from scouts. I really want a Smokey the Bear hug.

Fire safety is important, but so are hugs. It’s nice to see them both getting more attention. Watch as a Topher Grace look-alike gets a hug for pointing out some dry brush:

This next video shows how to properly put out a campfire. Any guesses how it ends? That’s right! Hugs.

If seeing Smokey hug one person per video isn’t enough for you, this one has him hugging a bunch of people and is adorable. I know this a fire prevention PSA, but I’m having very real emotions watching it. Adorable:

(via Adweek, image via The Ad Countil)

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