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Matt Smith and David Tennant Chat About Being The Doctor, Make Us Long For November 23rd

Last night was the finale of this season of Doctor Who and we’re now left wanting until the 50th Anniversary special airs on November 23rd. That’s going to be a long six months for fans of the show, but thankfully the BBC seems to be dribbling out bits of information about the 50th. They’ve even released some behind-the-scenes stuff like this clip of Matt Smith and David Tennant having a chat about what it’s like to be The Doctor.

Without spoiling anything if you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, it sets up the 50th nicely, and gives us at least a basic idea of what it’s going to be about, and how Tennant’s Doctor winds up as part of the episode. As promised, we learn why Clara is “The Impossible Girl” and even see who John Hurt will be playing.

As a season finale it was kind of weak, but as a lead-in for the 50th anniversary it did it’s job nicely. That’s sort of how I feel about this season in general. Not great, but really has me excited for what’s coming. Besides, it will take more than a few luke-warm episodes of Who to get me to lose hope. We don’t walk away.

I do hope this is the last we see of that dumb leaf though.

(via Bleeding Cool, image via YouTube)

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