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This Supercut Wants You to Know That We’re Not So Different, You and I [Video]

In case you were wondering, "not so" falls right between "kinda different" and "exactly the same" on the "how different are we" scale.

differentThe trope of characters on opposing sides of a conflict recognizing their shared traits is a common one, but only because it tends to be hold true — for all our differences, humanity tends to exhibit more or less the same behavior anywhere it happens to go. Or, in the words of my favorite movie psychiatrist, Peter from Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, “People are people.” Certainly he’d approve of this quick new supercut from Slacktory, in which people in movies explain to other people in movies how much of their people-ness they happen to share with one another. As you can expect, it’s mostly supervillains trying to get a rise out of their heroic counterparts, and all using the exact same phrasing to do it.

Who first coined the phrase “we’re not so different, you and I,” anyway? For a piece of dialogue that gets recycled so many times, it sure is an oddly specific one. Is there a part of The Hero’s Journey where Joseph Campbell throws that line in or something?

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