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Skydivers Give Us The Closest Thing to Watching an IRL Quidditch Match


Out of all of the aspects of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, one that we Muggles have continuously tried (and failed) to recreate in our own reality is the sport of Quidditch–which involves several types of balls, brooms, and oh yeah, you also kind of need the ability to fly, too. In the meantime, you can profess your love for the sport by owning your own Quidditch set, or by playing a twist on the game dubbed “Quidditch beer pong.”

Sadly, we non-magic folk (and no, you won’t catch me calling myself a NoMaj, because just… no) haven’t been able to recreate the look or feeling of flying on brooms and trying to score a goal with the Quaffle while dodging Bludgers–until now.

A group of skydivers did just that recently when they jumped out of an airplane with broomsticks, an inflatable ball and a miniature version of the Quidditch goal hoop–and the results are, as Ron Weasley would say, wicked:

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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