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Six Great Science Selfies to Celebrate That Science and Selfie Are Words of the Year

Who knew that selfies and science had such a beautiful symbiotic relationship?

We’re behind NASA’s logic on most things (especially on how great space is), but we’re extra into their logic that both “selfie” and “science” being named words of the year means that science selfies are pretty much the ultimate accomplishment. That’s why we’ve compiled the best science selfies we could find.

It’s probably good that selfie is the word of the year, because a lot of people seem to misunderstand the concept. In looking for great science selfies, we found an incredible amount of shots labeled as selfies just because they had people in them. Hopefully, raised awareness of the term will fix that problem. (It wouldn’t hurt if people knew more about science, either, by the way.)

NASA’s Mars robots and our friend Bill Nye seem to have nailed it, though, so take a look.

[geekovision id=305]

(via @MarsCuriosity on Twitter)

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