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Siri Tells Us What The Fox Says, Changes Her Tune On Her

Now we can finally put this stupid meme to rest.



Asking Siri weird questions about pop culture and seeing what she comes up with is one of our favorite pastimes, so when we found out she’ll sing along to Ylvis’ “What Does The Fox Say” if you ask her about it, we had to try it.



ring ding2

The best part, of course, is that Siri doesn’t actually have any sense of rhythm, so when she says things like “Ring ding ding ding ding,” she kind of just blurts it out all at once. Seriously, try it for yourself if you can. It needs to be heard aloud.

But that’s not all! The last time we asked Siri dumb pop culture questions, they were about the movie Her, which features a Siri-like OS as one of its major characters. Siri was pretty catty about the film when we first asked, but it appears that she’s softened her position on the subject now:




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