Today in Wait, What? The Sims 3 Console Trailer Tries to Attract GTA Fans [Video]

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I recently wrote a little essay about what video game trailers should aspire to. Admittedly, The Sims 3 is not the sort of game I was talking about and so it couldn’t really conform to my demands even if it wanted to. But still, couldn’t it have done, you know, anything but this?

Not to spoil the whole trailer for you, but basically it’s just a bunch of annoying brats ranting about all the crazy shit they did in the game. A nun recounts stealing cars and stereos, a Sarah Silverman wannabe talks about all the bling she buys with all her cash. An incredibly creepy British man about whom I will have nightmares tonight talks about burning down his sister’s house, insults her in the most crass way possible, then later expresses a desire to be electrocuted. You just have to watch.

Now what were the good people at EA possibly thinking? With all the controversy around violent video games corrupting our youth, did they feel The Sims franchise was getting unjustly left out? Do they think that all console gamers want to steal, fight, burn, streak, and die in a mass of blue lightning? Honestly, anyone who ever would have bought the game anyway is now less likely to, and no new fans will be attracted with this obvious pandering. Ugh.

(Via MTV)

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