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Side-Scrolling Game is Played in a Cardboard Box, Recalls a Past that Never Existed

Remember the old days, before TVs, when you used to have to play all your side-scrolling games in a cardboard box? Of course you don’t. But now, thanks to Teague Labs, you can get an idea of what that would have been like. The concept of the game is simple; you turn a dial to move Mario up and down, avoiding Goombas and pipes that scroll across the “screen.” Since the game is limited to one scroll of baddie placement, the speed gradually increase to up the challenge.

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The game works by having Mario hover slightly above the scrolling background with a magnetic detector strapped to his back. The baddies and obstacles, on the other hand, are magnets. You can probably see where this is going. The game was built with a teagueduino kit, a product that is intended to make programming and electronics easy to figure out for the curious but unfamiliar. The code for the game itself is open source and can be found

(via HackADay)

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