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If You’re Not Watching the New Season of Shudder’s Unique Murder Mystery, Now Is the Time To Start!

Let's go back in time to the 1900s.

Detective Rijkers looking absolutely exhausted in Slasher: Ripper season 5

In terms of horror anthology series, horror-based streaming service Shudder’s Slasher is one that follows the beat of its own drum, much like American Horror Story does. The anthology series may not be on the same level of popularity globally, but it doesn’t hold back on gore, social issues, or queer representation. Every season of Slasher follows the same formula as American Horror Story in terms of an isolated story per season. There are also actors that consistently return to play new characters, as well.

Slasher: Ripper (season 5) has taken the series back in time to late 1900s Toronto. The plot follows a killer nicknamed “The Widow,” and they are murdering the elite and those associated with the powerful. In “Backbone” (season 5, episode 3), more details are revealed regarding the motivations of the killer (or killers), and those motivations surround a former sex worker who met her demise twelve years prior. Despite the show’s unreal moments, there’s much accuracy in the classism and behavior surrounding the rich and powerful, even if some of them grew up poor and climbed up the ranks in their community.

So far, Slasher: Ripper has delivered gore, disturbing moments, and almost everything you could possibly want in a horror series. And naturally, if you’re a horror fan, that’s partially why you should check it out—maybe even binge watch the other seasons to get a gist of what the series has to offer—but the feeling is much different in season 5 compared to previous seasons. There are no cellphones for people to use to call for help. Plus, there’s very little in the way of sex positivity or progressive attitudes in some characters, or safety.

In our current time period, we are focused on the concept of “eating the rich” and reminding people of how classism actually works. Slasher: Ripper is brutal in its execution (ha) of taking away the power from the rich by making them fear for their lives. Whoever the killer is (or killers, because hey, sometimes there’s more than one) this season, they aren’t afraid to make it clear what their mission is—not to mention the side plot of a young woman named Verdi (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) and her newly introduced sisters abusing her/plotting to pimp her out. Time and time again, the elite will exploit whoever is necessary in order to maintain their wealthy status.

Considering the loose connections each season has to another, you don’t even need to start with season 1, but if you’re a purist when it comes to following an anthology series start to finish, then you know what to do. Slasher: The Executioner (season 1), Slasher: Guilty Party (season 2), and Slasher: Solstice (season 3) are available to stream on Netflix. Slasher: Flesh & Blood (season 4) and Slasher: Ripper are available to stream on Shudder or Hollywood Suite (for Canadians). It may be lower budget, but the kills are pretty damn bloody and certainly compete with even the goriest moments in AHS.

New episodes for Slasher: Ripper come on every Thursday. So, check out your Shudder app if you’re itching to keep up with episodes.

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