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Arrested Development May Be Back From the Dead, But These 13 Shows Should Just Stay Down

There are shows we'd like to see come back too, but it's usually a terrible idea. Let's look at shows that should stay canceled.

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Since Arrested Development came back this past weekend, a lot of people have been talking about other shows that Netflix should revive. There was even the #ShowsThatNeedToComeBack hashtag on Twitter. The only show that should be revived is The Cosby Show, so let’s end this pointless debate and instead focus on shows that need to stay good and dead.

It’s fun to imagine what another season of your favorite show would have been like if only it didn’t get canceled. Hell, I’ve got a ThunderCats season three spec script ready to go in case that show gets revived, but my wanting more ThunderCats doesn’t mean there should be any more ThunderCats. It had its chance, and it didn’t perform. That’s more or less true of every show that’s ever been canceled.

I haven’t watched the new Arrested Development episodes, but the consensus around the Internet seems to be that it didn’t live up to expectations. That’s because those expectations built up over the last seven years, and there’s no way it could ever meet that bar. Whether the new episodes are good or not is irrelevant, because they’re most likely not what people thought they’d be.

Besides the obvious reasons, like creators and cast moving on to other projects, it’s hard to revive a dead project because you can’t go home again. That’s why these shows just need to stay in television history.

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Seriously, Netflix. If you want to revive something, bring back The Cosby Show. It was brilliant. I’ll have a draft on your desk by the end of the week if you just give me the green light. Also, I’m only kind of joking about this.

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