Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Afterlife”

Feat. creepy frat electricity bro!

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“Afterlife” certainly wasn’t the fastest-paced of SHIELD episodes, but it provided us with some necessary exposition and story motion, so I’ll forgive it. Plus, Afterlife (the place) was really pretty. So it’s all good.

Though you’re probably all expecting that I hated this episode given how Skye-centric it was, I actually thought this was one of Chloe Bennet’s stronger outings. She excels at giving us Flirty Skye (someone we haven’t seen much of since the ol’ Ward days), and Luke Mitchell’s scruffy-haired Lincoln certainly gave her the the opportunity to flex those muscles.


So let’s talk about Lincoln for a second, because here’s the thing: when you wake up naked in a bed with no idea how you got there, that’s usually a pretty sure sign that bad things have gone down for you. Skye definitely did not consent to having her clothes removed, being poked with needles, or being paralyzed, and Lincoln says he’d been at her side every step of the way, so… did he undress her and put those towels on? It’s not even like he’s a professional – he’s just a med student, which makes him less of a doctor and more of that creepy frat bro who put something in your drink.

Plus his powers are hella lame.


And sure, “Afterlife” had a few plot holes (really, no one cares to know where this place is? And how did Skye even find Raina in a place that big?), but I squeed with true fangirl joy when a daintily-scarred Dichen Lachman returned to guide her baby through terrigenesis. Knowing we’ll get more Dichen Lachman and SkyeDaddy out of the deal makes me slightly more amenable to the greater Skye storyline.


Back at The Real SHIELD (worst name ever, guys), Eddie Olmos – I don’t really care what his character is named, let’s be real – is ramping things up to the next level in bigotry, referring to Skye as a “thing” multiple times and making reference to the humans vs. Inhumans “war” that will no doubt play a role in Captain America: Civil War. But to his credit, Olmos does Coulson’s analysis of him credit by offering May the chance to act as Coulson’s defender when he is inevitably caught.


Though perhaps that’s not so inevitable after all, because Mike returns! Deathlok suits him (ha ha ha I hate myself). I actually love this turn of events – I could watch Coulson and Hunter hang out all day (sass bros!), and Coulson consistently has some of the best lines (and delivery) of the show in their moments together. I hope Mike sticks around for a while, because that is a messy crime-fighting trio that is sure to bring the lulz.


Fitz and Simmons continue to make me cry with their excellent double-cross (go Jemma!), and the sandwich callback in the last scene was everything. And I have to say, I think Bobbi is slowly transitioning over to Team Coulson – and Mack will be on whatever team Fitz is, so perhaps Olmos might not have as solid a SHIELD as he thought.

Where do you think everything is going to shake out in next week’s episode? It’s called “Melinda,” so you know it’s going to be good!

PS Nerd bonus:


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