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New Agents of SHIELD Poster Reveals More of Raina’s Fate as an Inhuman

Oh dear.

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SHIELD returns next week after that inhumanly awesome mid-season finale—but before then, Marvel is giving us a tiny hint in the form of a brand-new poster.

In our last episode, we saw Skye and Raina have their powers awakened by the Terrigan mist, with Skye becoming Quake and Raina becoming something with a very creepy eye. Now, thanks to this new poster by Quake co-creator Gabriele Dell’Otto, we can get a bit of a better look at poor, poor Raina’s fate.

According to Executive Producer Jeff Bell, “Raina ain’t quite the same as we saw her last time. And that will be really interesting, to see how people react to that.” Bell said that poster-Raina isn’t exactly as she’ll appear on the air, and that “certain things here are quite different than how she’ll look.” But that this poster does still hint at the total transformation.

Bell elaborated on the importance of Raina to the ongoing SHIELD storyline, saying,

We’ve been playing the Skye and Raina through the whole thing as parallels, as doppelgangers of one another—two sides of the same coin. Both young women without parents, without a history, both struggling with who they are, both looking to figure out who they are and what they will become. And then who they are and what they will become in both instances are surprising and complicated and so that will absolutely affect their relationship with one another.

Also of import in the poster is Coulson, who Bell says Skye has chosen as her father figure after SpyDaddy turned out to be, you know, the worst. “Coulson is kind of in between Skye’s two different sides,” explained Bell. “Skye transforming and Skye as a girl who has to deal with what she’s become.” Apparently, the back half of the season will largely deal with Skye’s transformation and how it affects both her and the team.

The poster is part of Entertainment Weekly and Marvel’s “The Art of Level 7,” which will see a new SHIELD poster by a prominent artist released for purchase at the Marvel shop every week for the next three months.

So what or whom do you think Raina is now?

(via EW)

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