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Comics to Read after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 7 “The Hub”

Hey, this week we've got new characters from the comics!


Next week’s SHIELD promises to be an interesting one, because it’s going to deal with the aftermath of Thor: The Dark World. This week introduced characters from the comics universe, Victoria Hand and Jasper Sitwell, and we’ve got some comic recommendations for you to expand your knowledge.

There was only a vague enemy this week, and the episode instead focused on giving us more character to the, well, characters, and a closer look at the inner workings of SHIELD. Of course, it also introduced Hand and Sitwell, and while Sitwell is more of a minor character and just a good use of source material, Hand played a not-too-friendly part in some big Marvel events.

Invincible Iron Man #8-19


Victoria Hand was a SHIELD accountant, and when Norman Osborn rose to power and transformed SHIELD into HAMMER to go about doing his maniacal bidding, he made Hand his Deputy Director and put her in charge of getting rid of any agents loyal to Nick Fury.

Her first appearance was in Invincible Iron Man #8, and she continued to work closely with Osborn as part of HAMMER. She saw him do horrible stuff like shoot down civilian planes just to test his weapons and kept working for him, so we’re going to go ahead and assume she’s going to be a villain.

New Avengers Vol 2 #19 & 20


She can also later be seen working undercover for HAMMER as a part of the Avengers. Basically, Hand is not a person to be trusted in the comics, which follows the theme of getting Agent Coulson to question the system. Hopefully, she’ll tie into a larger threat that we hope is coming down the road.

The episode also had more characters learning more secrets about other characters that the audience still hasn’t been clued in on. Maybe we’ll start getting answers to some of these questions soon instead of just watching the characters on the show keep secrets from each other and us.

Maybe we’ll even eventually get some confirmation on our Agent Coulson prediction. (Possible retroactive spoilers.)

(via Marvel Database, image via Agents of SHIELD)

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