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Sherlock Is Having a Hard Time Keeping It Together in “The Final Problem” Trailer

Game over?

The end is nigh for Sherlock’s fourth season and things aren’t looking good for the world’s foremost consulting detective. “The Final Problem” will tie up loose ends (and possibly raise new questions), as long-standing secrets finally catch up to Holmes and Watson. Someone who may or may not be Moriarty has been playing a long game and it will force the two to face their biggest challenge yet. However, if we’re going by what happened in “The Lying Detective,” it likely isn’t Moriarty pulling the strings. Also, there’s that whole being dead thing.

Ahead of the “grand old finale” that’s “a very very finale finale” as Mark Gatiss put it to Radio Times, a new trailer popped up showing a seemingly distraught Holmes sitting against a wall. If you squint your eyes enough, it almost looks like Loki in his Asgardian prison cell in Thor: The Dark World. I know the show hasn’t officially ended and the season finale has yet to air, but this all feels pretty final.

The fact that Gatiss and Steven Moffat chose to adapt this story, which Arthur Conan Doyle intended to be the last of his shorts, speaks volumes. Plus, it’s set to be their biggest one yet. “It’s the most like a Universal Sherlock Holmes that we’ve ever done,” Gatiss added. “It’s like a Basil Rathbone one. It’s absolutely crazy.” If this does happen to be the actual end, I think it’s a great way to close out the series since it centers on Moriarty, the show’s most recognizable villain who continues to torment Holmes and company even after his death in season two.

But we don’t have the official word and I suspect it won’t come until much later. After all, this is the same show which takes 3-4 years to produce 3 episodes per season. We’ll have a better idea once “The Final Problem” airs next week.

Thoughts? Do you think Sherlock should end here?

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