Sherlock‘s Season 4 Will See Big Changes With a Baby and a New Big Baddie

It's not a game anymore.
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Some big changes are coming to Sherlock once season 4 gets started in the new year. For one, Watson and Mary will try to figure out this whole parenting thing because raising a tiny human is no walk in the park. They won’t be alone, as their friendly neighborhood self-proclaimed high-functioning sociopath Sherlock Holmes will be close by to wonder about the infant’s illogical reactions for comedic affect. And while this has the makings of an ’80s comedy, co-creator and Mycroft Homes in series Mark Gatiss says these new developments will not change the tone of the show.

“It creates a different dynamic,” he told TV Line before adding, “Now I must stress, although we have a lot of fun with it, it doesn’t mean that Sherlock has become Two Men, a Woman and a Baby. But we do have fun with it, because there’s fun to be had.”

That fun includes a new baddie by the name of Culverton Smith (played by Toby Jones).  The character originally appears in The Adventure of the Dying Detective as the main suspect in his nephew’s death. In the trailers, he’s seen taunting Holmes and prying into his deepest secrets—the signs of a formidable villain. Speaking of bad guys, it looks like Moriarty will make another post-mortem appearance because it seems this show will never let go of Andrew Scott. But, again, Moriarty remains dead since his big demise in season 2

“He is dead,” Gatiss explained. “We’ve said this many times. No one ever believes us. But he is dead.” That has’t stopped him from theorizing how he could possibly appear in this season. “Maybe he’s a YouTuber. That’s probably the future of international crime. How many followers does Moriarty have?” I know these are jokes, but I’m still wondering how they could possibly bring him back yet again. Why would they? I love Scott as much as the next person but isn’t it time to move on from him?

As for the fate of the show, it’s unclear whether or not this will be the final season. “We honestly don’t know,” Gatiss added. However, the third episode, titled “The Final Problem,” suggests otherwise. Whatever the case, everyone’s keeping tight-lipped and optimistic on the subject.

Sherlock’s new season premieres on New Year’s Day.

(via TVLine, image via screencap)

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