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She-Hulk and Daredevil Have the Best Chemistry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A ship worth shipping.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil and Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is very good at lots of things: melding humor and action, building interconnected worlds, employing handsome men named Chris. But romance has never been their strong suit. The franchise has delivered compelling relationships such as Wanda/Vision and Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, but these romances have rarely taken center stage in the narrative. And the ones that do are fairly passionless affairs. No one would accuse any two Marvel leads of having explosive chemistry … until now.

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has delivered something long overdue in the franchise, namely a superheroine that fucks. Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) lives a relatable adult life, where sex is treated as casually as a superhero lawsuit. And while Jen has had some hook-ups throughout the series, episode 8 finally introduces Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox) to the series. Daredevil’s arrival has been teased throughout the series and he doesn’t disappoint, showing terrific chemistry with Jen from their first encounter in court. The character, who was first introduced in his own series on Netflix, has a history of steamy sex scenes courtesy of the streamer’s more mature mandate. And he fits nicely into She-Hulk‘s world, bringing lighthearted humor and easy chemistry with Jen.

In many ways, the pairing makes perfect sense. Both Matt and Jen are lawyers with super abilities. And unlike most men Jen meets, Matt is equally comfortable with both regular Jen and She-Hulk. And while Matt’s identity is a secret, She-Hulk quickly unmasks him, removing that barrier to intimacy. This immediacy makes their instant hook-up all the easier, as neither one is in the mood to play games. After rescuing their shared costumer Luke (Griffin Matthews), Matt asks to take Jen out on a date the next time he’s in LA. And Jen is confident and comfortable enough with him to cut to the chase. Finally, Jen finds someone on the same page.

Between the playful banter, the action-packed team-up, and the likeability of both actors, the Daredevil/She-Hulk relationship clearly has legs. And while we know that Daredevil will return in Echo and Daredevil: Born Again, it’s unclear when we’ll next see She-Hulk in the MCU. And that’s too bad, because I would love to see this relationship develop in future installments.

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