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“Shallow” From A Star Is Born Will Bring You Light Today

We all need happiness so listen to Lady Gaga singing "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in 'A Star is Born'

For months we’ve waited, anxiously sitting and wanting at least the soundtrack to keep us at bay until the movie came out, but unfortunately, the marketing for A Star Is Born is using supply and demand to get people interested in their film—meaning you don’t get the soundtrack until the movie is already released in theaters.

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Seemingly changing their tactics, this last week we’ve gotten two songs from the movie, with a third one on the way—which, like okay, is anyone really mad about that? The general consensus is that this movie is everything we want it to be and so much more.

Not having yet seen it, I know what the original means to me (or, well, the Barbra Streisand version). So to see that Bradley Cooper’s telling of the film feels like it’s in the same vein only makes us more excited for it. Pair that with the release of “Shallow” (the song that everyone likes to scream-sing from the trailer) and we’re having quite the time on the internet today.

Look, if you don’t know the story of A Star Is Born, then just wait until you watch the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga version before visiting the Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson one. Sure, there’s also Judy Garland’s and the one before that, but the Barbra one is my favorite, and so I’m just hoping that this new version keeps the changes that the Babs version had.

The reviews so far have talked about the emotional impact of this movie and that, while the ending wasn’t changed, it still hits the audience in a new way. Basically, A Star Is Born is going to destroy most of us, and if “Shallow” is any indication, this soundtrack is going to definitely walk away with a few awards this season. Best Song for “Shallow,” anyone?

It seems as if Twitter also recognizes that this is a game changer for movies. Everyone is talking about it; we all want to be a part of the magic that is going to be this film, and if anything, we want it sooner rather than waiting until October 5th.

But hopefully the release of “Shallow” will hold us over until then. Or maybe it’ll just make us play the same song on repeat until we have the entire soundtrack. Both are real possibilities.

May our karaoke duets forever be enriched by the legacy that is the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga version of A Star Is Born, because I know that I will sing “Shallow” every single time, even if I have to sing both parts myself.

(image: Warner Bros./Screengrab)

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