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Are Sex Robots the Key to a Longer Life?? Fans of Robot Sex Say So

I think we can all agree on something: Sex and finding ways to stay alive longer are two things that most people spend a lot of time thinking about. Doctors of all stripes have been finding ways of connecting sexual activity to mental and physical health for years, so the idea that they’re linked isn’t crazy.  You know what is a little crazy, though? The idea that, like everything else in life, robots will eventually do a better job of using sex to make people live longer, healthier lives than people. According to the Center of Transhumanity, however, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

In the future, we’ll all be having sex with robots, apparently. Not only that, but eventually sex robots will become so good at their jobs, that they will be able to stimulate “longevity orgasms” that will have a meaningful effect on keeping us alive longer. Technically, the “longevity” aspect isn’t some sort of special action only robots will be able to perform: Rather, it’s rooted in the idea that, as ideal sex partners, robots will cause their partners to generate more of the hormones connected to physical health.

It’s important to note that, while transhumanism is largely grounded in reality, the specific idea of the idealized “longevity orgasm” is based on logic, not fact. The idea is a sci-fi-induced deduction based on research suggesting that people who have a certain number orgasms per year tend to live longer and look younger. There’s no doubt in my mind that there will, eventually, be sex robots. The idea that they will have special health-enhancing properties, however, is still a point of contention. Life-extending or not, I don’t think the world is ready to hear to that sex robots are one of the keys to a better future, so let’s just keep this one to ourselves for now, ok?

(Transhumanity via Betabeat, image credit: Lynae Zebest)

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