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New Robocop Reminds Us It’s an Action Movie, Not Just an Existential Examination of Free Will

'Spolions! Boom boom!

We were real excited for the first Robocop trailer, but it was a cautious optimism. We’ve been burned too many times by great trailers that resulted in terrible movies. (Spider-Man 3 *cough cough*) This new trailer for the film sure has a lot more action, but it also has a lot less of what we loved about the first trailer — character.

That’s not to say we don’t enjoy this trailer. We like watching robots blow stuff up as much as anybody, but there’s no question the focus of this trailer is a lot more about effects and action, and a lot less about story and character.

There’s a lot of potential for this film to be wonderful, but given the quality of some recent remakes (*ahem* Total Recall *cough*) we’re going to hold off judging Robocop until we actually see the movie. Which is really how the Internet should behave anyway.

(via Jo Blo on YouTube)

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