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Season Four of Netflix’s Spanish Teen Drama Elite Will Bring a Fresh Cast of Messy Teens

Danna Paola, Arón Piper, Ester Expósito, and Miguel Bernardeau in Élite (2018)

It was announced earlier this year that Elite’s 4th and 5th were already in production at Netflix. Wow, a series getting five seasons on Netflix? Will wonders never cease? Sex Education‘s murder-y cousin will return for two more seasons, but it will feature a new cast of characters, which makes sense when considering how the third season begins and ends.

**Slight spoilers for Elite season three:**

However, despite that exciting news, there were whisperings that, following the third season finale, there would be a complete cast overhaul, and now it appears that is confirmed. Fuera de Series, a Spanish news site, has reported that Elite season 3 will be the final season with the current main cast, and season 4 will have a whole new cast, following the template of shows like Skins U.K., or the later seasons of Misfits—hopefully not quality-wise.

The cast has now confirmed that it’s true. In a video about Elite season 3, according to reports, Georgina Amorós, who plays Cayetana, said, “It’s a season where the cycle is completed. Another one starts. Get your tissues ready because you will need them. It’s a very complete season.”Alvaró Rico, who plays Polo, said that this season was “the definitive ending to the evolution of the characters.”

Personally, I’m glad the series isn’t going to drag the original cast out forever. After a certain point, it gets tedious, and since 90% of teen dramas fail once you take them out of high school (fact), I’d rather we allow this messy bunch to move on and allow fresh blood to come in.

Without getting into spoilers about the ending of Elite’s third season, I have found it to be both a compelling show and also just slightly above Riverdale when it comes to milking a drama for too long. Elite has the benefit of not being 22 episodes long (thank, Hera), but at the same time, as the Netflix Marvel series taught us, having a short season doesn’t mean anything if you still drag out pointless mini-arcs.

Mostly, I think the show has had something interesting to say about classism. When the students who got scholarships in the first season arrived, they were instantly treated as lesser, yet they never left the school because they enjoyed the prestige of going there. They allowed themselves to be verbally, physically, and emotionally harassed because going to this school and graduating would mean opportunities. Well, how many times do you have to be interviewed by the police for a homicide case before the privilege curve drops out?

Despite knowing that the system is rigged against them, Samuel, Christian, and Nadia are still drawn to the school, its world, and the assholes who prowl the halls of Las Encinas. Was it worth it? Well, you’ll have to just watch the third season and decide for yourself.

For those who watched, what did you think of the third season of Elite?

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