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Modern Sci-Fi If Movies, If They Were Actually Classic Film

Olden Lore


The conceit of Sean Hartter‘s remade movie posters is that modern scifi was actually made decades ago, and in a time warp.  Actors, actresses, directors, composers, and designers of all eras contributed to bringing these classic films to the big screen.

So come on.  You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see Alec Guinness, Grace Kelly, James Dean, Dennis Hopper, Marlin Brando, and Dennis Hopper in an X-Men movie.

Our favorites after the jump.

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The Matrix with Sidney Poitier, Bruce Lee, and Peter Sellers? YES.

Put Sean Connery and Ertha Kitt in Sin City and I’d watch it again, regardless of my money going to Frank Miller.

Marilyn Monroe as an action star would have been interesting to see, to say the least.

Tim Curry as the Joker make a terrifying amount of sense. And is also terrifying.

Inception with James Dean instead of Cillian Murphy. We dont’ know know what else to say.

Is this on here because we’ll watch anything with David Bowie in it? YES OF COURSE WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK.

This is on here because of Tim Burton, Mel Brooks, Jerry Lewis, Farnk Zappa, Ralph Bakshi, and Terry Gilliam.

Having recently watched Jeff Bridges just be himself in an otherwise serious action movie, I’d totally do it again. Especially with Cary Elwes.

We’re always up for a neat gender-flip over here.

The whole set can be found over at Wired.

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