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Sean Hannity Admitted He Knew Trump’s Election Claims Were Lies When He Helped Push Them

Sean Hannity speaks during his Fox News show.

Want to know why Fox News is a joke? It’s because it is a spectacle of political theatre that is filled with a lot of public facing “reporters” saying things they don’t believe. They’re playing characters and pushing false narratives that aren’t true and they know it to be a lie that they’re pushing all because of the paychecks it gets them. This is obvious for those of us who look at Fox News from the outside, but it has brainwashed millions of Americans into believing their dangerous lies.

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How do we know these are lies? Because they are willing to admit as much. During a defamation suit, Sean Hannity went under oath to talk about what he believed and didn’t believe when it came to former President Donald Trump—specifically about the 2020 election and whether or not Trump was cheated out of a victory in the election.

“I did not believe it for one second,” Hannity testified, according to an attorney for Colorado-based Dominion Voting Systems. So, you know, the complete opposite of what audiences were sold by Hannity on air, further proving that, yes, these personalities are acting for the cameras and believe something completely different behind closed doors.

Hannity, Fox News, and the danger of political theatre.

Political acting isn’t a new thing, but the way that it has polarized voters is a problem—specifically with the way that Fox News has made a spectacle about real-life issues and turned voting into picking the most hateful people to run this country for their ratings.

What it boils down to is that Fox News knows that people will watch, and the more they engage with the right-wing and hate-filled world of the conservatives, the more that audiences watch it. Hannity was Trump’s biggest ally on air and off and would talk with the former president and share those conversations, so of course the MAGA hats would all tune in to see what he said.

So if Hannity really did say, “I think that Trump is just mad he lost” on air, then all of those Trump fans who believed Trump’s lies would turn on Hannity and so the cycle continues. Instead of being honest and truthful journalists and reporters, those at Fox News would rather parade around lies to make sure that their numbers with the conservatives and Trump fans remain high.

Why be a good person when you can make money? That’s their idea and thought process for numbers, so Hannity admitting the actual truth under oath isn’t surprising, either. It’s a move to try to cover his own ass. If Trump goes down, he doesn’t want to go with him, so all this does is serve to make us angry that this is what the other side is up against.

We’re up against people like Hannity who lie to Americans night after night just because they know it is what they want to hear, instead of being honest and reporting the news—or at least even their own actual personal beliefs—and seeing their downfall would be so honestly and truly satisfying.

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