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Massachusetts Couple Changes Middle Names to “Seamonster”

Because who doesn't want a silly name?


I’m sure at one point or another you’ve thought about changing your name. Maybe you’re like me. So many people mispronounce my last name (it’s “cease,” not “Seuss”) that I grew up dreaming of the day when I could change it. I’ve come to accept that I will always be associated with the beloved childrens’ author, but some people just can’t be content to keep their given names.

Melanie Ann Convery and Neal James Coughlin of Holyoke, Massachusetts are two of those people. While the couple continues to decline answering why exactly they decided to change their names, they picked a rather unusual one to go with: Both Melanie and Neal changed their middle names to “Seamonster.”

That’s right. Their names are now legally Melanie Seamonster Convery and Neal James Seamonster Coughlin.

Massachusetts law requires that name changes be published somewhere in order for the change to be legal. They apparently wanted it to be a relatively quiet thing since they chose to publish it in The Holyoke Sun, their local newspaper. The post went viral not long after it appeared.


 The judge officially approved the name change last Thursday. Melanie took to Twitter to assure people that the couple had no intention of gaining all this attention.

A lot more than just grandmas read this request, though. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t go all-in and change their first or last names to something equally as amazing, but who am I to judge? Maybe I’ll take a page from their book and just legally change my last name to Seuss.

(via Jezebel, Mashable, picture by Proudlove via LEGO Ideas)

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