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Wolverine Pining After Jean Grey While Gazing at a Picture of Her and Cyclops Is Now Immortalized as a Figure

Life imitates art imitates life

Wolverine figure

With SDCC gearing up for their at-home event, we can expect all kinds of announcements and exclusive releases. One such exclusive release has been revealed by Mondo, a toy and collectible shop that offers highly detailed figures of various geek-centric properties. This time they’ve taken a crack at X-Men, more specifically, the 90s cartoon whose opening immediately starts playing in my head whenever I say the words X-Men: The Animated Series.

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Admittedly when I saw the name Wolverine I thought we’d get him in an epic pose, maybe a battle against Sabertooth or the countless others that he’s growled at, maybe him cooly telling the team “I go where I wanna go” before leaving the mansion for the third time that week. Instead, IGN revealed that the fine folks at Mondo have recreated the scene that has had SO much staying power that it’s become an ongoing meme.

Box Art Wolverine

Holy shit.

I stand corrected.

THIS is the most epic pose that Wolverine’s been in. All that’s missing is a relevant 90s R&B song. I personally choose Brandy’s “Sittin’ Up in My Room.”

“There were really only a handful of Saturday morning cartoons in the ‘90s that stood out amongst the rest,” said Mondo Creative Directors Toys & Collectibles Hector Arce and Michael Bonanno. “I think we all remember that first day we watched the first-ever episode of X-Men the Animated Series… sitting in bed or on our couches, excited and then… THAT song plays…little minds blown everywhere! That intro song hooked us right from the beginning and kept us coming every Saturday for months and months excited to see what happened to Wolverine and the X-Men.”


Cannot get over the fact.

That he is LAYING in bed.

In the box.

Mondo knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

It occurs to me that the animated series is decades old now, so some people might only know of this figure’s greatness because of the “Sad Wolverine Meme” where you insert whatever you picture you want to replace Jean and Cyclops. As Arce and Bonanno said to IGN, this was peak Saturday morning cartoon action for a lot of us growing up. That almost makes the choice to pick THIS as the Wolverine to recreate even more amazing. As aggressive as Wolverine was, he actually had a lot of moments where he’d pine after Jean like a character from a romance novel to the point where he did, indeed, lay in his bed and stare at that picture.

I rewatched the series a couple of years back and had forgotten just HOW salty Wolverine was about the whole thing. He doesn’t just gaze at the picture, he uses a single adamantium claw to CUT into Cyclop’s picture.


You could’ve just taped your face onto his, Wolverine, but I guess this level of hostility works too.

Mondo’s Wolverine 1/6 Figure is a limited edition SDCC Variant that will go on sale on Friday, July 23, at 12 PM CT. It’ll be $200 and includes a limited edition sad masked head, neutral masked head (for when he’s calmed down a bit), angry masked head (for when he wants to slice into Cyclops), Logan unmasked head, Morph head (for when Morph is reenacting the meme for the lulz, I guess?), picture frame with Scott and Jean Photo, and a Thanksgiving Turkey Leg.


Also, from the looks of the picture, you can change out the hands to go from “longing caress” to maximum RAWR.

Head over to Mondo’s SDCC page to be ready when the figure is released.

PLEASE NOTE: while their tweet says Friday, July 23, the page itself says Thursday, July 22. I’m not sure if this is an error or not, but it wouldn’t hurt to go to the page tomorrow to make sure.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about why there’s a turkey leg…

UPDATE: I’ve been informed via email that the release day is Friday, as the tweet says.

(Image: Mondo/Marvel)

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