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Here Are the Winners for Our Scott Pilgrim Vinyl Contest

So what do you think, Jimmy? Do they rock or suck?


Last week, we asked for your best video-game themed band names as entries in our contest to win a Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World OST vinyl from ABKCO Records. Today, we’ve rounded up our five favorite picks. Seriously, if these were all actual bands, we would totally listen to them.

Here they are, in no particular order:

5. The Parables of Stanley – submitted by Jordan Roach


Named after the 2011 fiction mod that’s recently picked up steam since its inclusion to… well, Steam, we imagine that instead of lyrics, all of this band’s music would be narrated by Kevan Brighting.

4. From the Throat of the World – submitted by Scott Foster


This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim reference sounds like the perfect name for a band. We’re picturing either a ridiculous psuedo-emo group that does 12-minute-long instrumentals with tambourine solos in them, or a heavy metal operation that sings exclusively about slaying dragons. Either way, there’s probably a cello player.

3. Space Harriers – submitted by Michael Holmes


We had to look up what Space Harrier was, so props to Michael for getting the “ridiculously obscure” thing just right. It’s a series of third-person rail shooters first released by Sega in 1985, in which the player shoots fictional and/or prehistoric animals in a surreal environment that looks like a Perugino painting. You can also get the sequel as an app for your iPhone now, as evidenced by the above screenshot.

2. Cinnabar Island — submitted by Matt Wright


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Pokémon. We didn’t know that the town and Pokémon gym had been destroyed by a volcano in recent iterations of the series, though. That hurts us right in the childhood.

Anyway, we’re picturing ironic calypso music for this band. Not sure why. Just go with it.

1. Volkmire’s Inferno — submitted by Brooke LaBere


Battletoads is one of the most difficult games to ever exist, so a band name derived from one of its later levels would probably fly right over the heads of most people — which is just what you’d want in the Scott Pilgrim universe. Clearly, all its members would have to dress up as actual Battletoads. They would also have to have a cover of that riff from the Surf City level. I mean, come on. They’d have to.

So, there you have it! We’ll be contacting all the winners on Facebook, so if you’re one of the people whose entries appear above, keep an eye on your message inbox — or save us the trouble and contact us yourself here. Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to ABKCO Records for hooking us up with the vinyls to give out in the first place. If you’d like to thank them as well, go follow their Facebook and Twitter.

(images via The Stanley Parable, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Space Harrier, Pokémon Red, and Battletoads)

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