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Scott Baio, Clearly Too Much Time on His Hands, Posts Pro-Trump Message Spelled With Craft Store Candle Display

Chachi is at it again.
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I used to really love Chachi. I even liked that terrible reality show where Scott Baio tried to find love, but then, he went full Trumpet, later blocking me on Twitter when I made fun of him. (I have no regrets about that.) So first, I’d like to thank our own Kaila Hale-Stern for sending me this tweet (and helping me embed it since, AGAIN, Baio blocks me).

In the middle of a global pandemic, with millions out of work and families worried about what’s going to happen to their homes, Scott Baio has the time to go to Michaels and rearrange an entire candle display to read “Trump Is Still Your President” while … turning all the other candles so that their white backs are in the background?

Sure, this kind of behavior is frightening because people are dying and there are still MAGA fans who want to scream about Trump being president some more. But it’s also … pathetic. Look, I LOVE loving celebrities. It’s my favorite pastime, and even I wouldn’t waste my time turning all these candles around to praise them to the high heavens. Not even Robert Downey Jr. occupies that amount of space in my head.

I’m also convinced that Scott Baio didn’t actually do this but saw this image on Right-Wing Troll Twitter and decided to repost it without any credit. I don’t know. I don’t go there. But those people love to pretend like they’re making grand gestures to the president to show their love.

And these people worship Trump. And yes, that’s pathetic.

But I want to first think about Scott Baio in a Michaels. Okay, do you have that in your mind’s eye? So there he is, looking at candles with letters on them and thinking to himself, Huh, what if I rearranged these to let people know that Trump is still their president?, and then spending, I don’t know, thirty minutes rearranging candles and flipping them around? While the store’s employees awkwardly pretend not to notice and wait for him to just leave already? Like … who has the time?!?

And you KNOW whoever did this (I’m still thinking maybe Scott Baio just STOLE SOMEONE ELSE’S BAD IMAGE) didn’t fix it afterward. So some underpaid Michaels employee had to come over and, at the very least, turn all the other candles back around all because Trump and his puppets make absolutely terrible content on the internet.

Whatever the case, one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans of all—and they are just fans, at this point, since there’s no more election to support him in—is Scott Baio, which is sad since he doesn’t have fans of his own anymore. So, Chachi, please stop with your terrible candle bits. The employees of Michaels don’t deserve you making their jobs harder just because you have terrible taste in fandoms.

(image: ABC)

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