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Describe Why You Like Magic: The Gathering for a Chance to Win Scars of Mirrodin Cards

Every now and then, here at Geekosystem, we get some stuff.  Today, instead of just letting it collect dust, we’re going to send it off to some lucky reader.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we’ve come into the possession of a fine tin box that contains two intro packs (one Metalcraft and one Deadspread) and twelve boosters for Magic: The Gathering‘s Scars of Mirrodin expansion, and these cards (and the very stylish box) could be yours if you can sum up your experience with Magic: The Gathering in ten and only ten words.

You don’t have to be a Magic superfan; just send us some words about the game and what it means to you, whether it’s high-level strategy or geeky middle school experiences.

You can submit your entries in one of four ways:

  1. Tweet @geekosystem with the hashtag #geekmirrodin
  2. Comment your entry on our Facebook wall.
  3. Send it to us in an e-mail (tips AT geekosystem dot com) with the subject line “Scars of Mirrodin Contest”
  4. Comment on this post.

Your entries must be:

  • Exactly ten (10) words long.  No more and no less.
  • Grammatically correct (You may use any amount of punctuation to make this happen).
  • Received by midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday, November 9, one week from today.

In order to be eligible, you must live (or be able to pick up your box from) somewhere in the continental United States.

We will choose our favorite eligible entry by the end of next week, and showcase the best on the site.

Here’s what the box looks like on the outside:

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