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Say Cheese! We Finally have A Combination Polaroid/Cheese Slicer

Now if we can get a vibrator/corkscrew we'll be set.

cheeseslicer1Going to a fun birthday party this weekend, but don’t know what to get your photo/cheese enthusiast friend? No problem! San Fransisco design company Gamago has got the combination cheese slicer/polaroid camera that every kitchen needs.

say cheese 2

Unlike your real polaroid camera, the Say Cheese is dishwasher safe, and it’s only ten dollars! That way you’ll have more of your hard-earned cheddar to spend on wine to drink with your whimsically sliced cheese! Note: the Say Cheese is an especially good gift for someone who’s never been to Urban Outfitters before.

say cheese 1

Unfortunately, the Say Cheese does not actually take polaroids, but that’s okay. You’ll be too busy loving your life and eating some cheese to care!

(via Laughing Squid)


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