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Save an Extra 15% on Backlight Wall Art Today!

Backlit wall art product image.

Add a little extra wow to your space. We’ve got an extra 15% off backlight wall art at the Mary Sue Shop—just use code SAVE15TODAY.

Moderndek Backlit Canvas: Have your pick of seven stunning canvases. Each one makes for a statement piece on your wall at 35.2″ by 11.8″ in a sturdy wooden frame. The color-coordinating LED lights built into the backside of the canvas create an ethereal glow that softly illuminates the room and makes the art look like it’s glowing from the inside out in the dark.

Choose from beautiful creations like a tree against a glowing moonouter space in captivating blues or redsthe magical northern lights in beautiful blues and greens or pinks and greensa howling wolf against the night sky, or an astronaut among the stars. Use code SAVE15TODAY to get it for $51.

Moderndek Helix Modular Lights: Prefer something a little more understated? Use these modular helix lights to create your own design. A single touch of a finger lights up the LED panels and illuminates the room. It’s easy to mount the panels together to create the ambiance you want—they come together via magnets, and you can grab up to 20 of them in this sale. Use code SAVE15TODAY to pay just $85 for a set of five$136 for a set of 10$170 for a set of 15, or $213 for a set of 20.

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